ITC Wednesday Pizza Lunch Spring 2013 Schedule

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) pizza lunch for spring 2013 will be held on Wednesdays at 1:00pm in Phillips unless stated otherwise.


Wed, 13 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Christine Jones CfA Hot Gas in Groups and Clusters
Wed, 20 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Matthew Bayliss CfA Astrophysics of Galaxy Clusters With Strong Gravitational Lensing
Wed, 27 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Ian Dell’antonio Brown University Mass distributions in clusters from weak gravitational lensing
Wed, 6 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Reinout van Weeren CfA Galaxy cluster merger shocks: a radio view
Wed, 13 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Alexey Vikhlinin CfA Challenging requirements for cosmology with the next generation of galaxy cluster surveys
Wed, 20 Mar, 1:00, Phillips **Spring Break**  
Wed, 27 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Akos Bogdan CfA What regulates the growth of supermassive black holes?
Wed, 3 Apr, 1:00, Phillips **No Pizza Lunch**  
Wed, 10 Apr, 1:00, Phillips Paul Nulsen CfA How the radio mode AGN feedback cycle might work in hot atmospheres
Wed, 17 Apr, 1:00, Phillips Debora Sijacki University of Cambridge Galaxy clusters across cosmic time
Wed, 24 Apr, 1:00, Phillips Andrey Kravtsov Univeristy of Chicago Baryon content of clusters in the Planck era
Wed, 1 May, 1:00, Phillips Bill Forman and Ralph Kraft CfA Outbursts, Sloshing, and Ram Pressure Stripping: A View from Virgo and Fornax, the Two Nearest Galaxy Clusters
Wed, 8 May, 1:00, *Classroom* Chris Stubbs Harvard University Some questions I have about galaxy clusters.