ITC Monday Pizza Lunches 2010-2011, Spring Schedule Galactic Dynamics

Held on Mondays at 13:00 in the Phillips Auditorium unless stated otherwise. Organizers: Hagai Perets, Charlie Conroy, Elena D'Onghia, Mark Vogelsberger, Mario Juric


Date & LocationSpeakerTitle
Mon, 7 Feb, **Class room** Mark Reid Structure of the Milky-Way
Mon, 14 Feb, Phillips Matt Walker Dwarf galaxies
Wed, 23 Feb, Phillips Jerry Ostriker Dynamics of Inspiraling Globular Clusters and Black Holes in Elliptical Galaxies
Mon, 28 Feb, Phillips Mario Juric Galactic halos and streams
Mon, 7 Mar, Phillips No pizza seminar 
Mon, 14 Mar, Phillips Yuval Birnboim Cold flows and Galaxy formation
Mon, 21 Mar, Phillips Mark Vogelsberger Simulations of galaxy formation
Mon, 28 Mar, Phillips Elena D'Onghia Galactic encounters, tidal interactions and warps
Mon, 4 Apr, Phillips Laura Blecha Galaxy mergers
Mon, 11 Apr, Phillips Alar Toomre Spiral Structure: What Remains?
Mon, 18 Apr, Phillips No pizza seminar 
Mon, 25 Apr, Phillips Charlie Conroy Galactic rotation curves and mass distribution