ITC Monday Pizza Lunches 2009-2010, Spring Schedule Formation and Evolution of Planets

Held on Mondays at 1:00pm in Phillips Auditorium unless stated otherwise. Organizers: Daniel Fabrycky, Ruth Murray-Clay, and Hagai Perets


Date & LocationSpeakerTitle
Mon, 1 Feb, **Classroom** Sean Andrews Planet Formation Insights from Observations of Circumstellar Disks (abstract)
Mon, 8 Feb David Charbonneau Observational overview of planets as observed today
Wed, 10 Feb, 12:00 Jonathan Fortney Atmospheres: CANCELLED due to weather
Mon, 15 Feb --- [President's Day]
Mon, 22 Feb Ruth Murray-Clay Formation of Gas Giants
Mon, 1 Mar Scott Kenyon From Primordial Disks to Debris Disks (abstract)
Mon, 8 Mar Darin Ragozzine Constraints from planetary interiors (abstract)
Fri, 12 Mar Neal Turner Where Planets Form: Inside Protostellar Disks (abstract)
Mon, 22 Mar Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay Formation of Terrestrial Planets (abstract)
Mon, 29 Mar Daniel Fabrycky Multiple systems, long-term stability, and scattering (abstract)
Mon, 5 Apr Matija Cuk Disk Migration (abstract)
Mon, 12 Apr Matthew Holman Constraints on formation of the Solar System
Mon, 19 Apr, 13:15, **Pratt** Steven Cranmer Planet-Star interactions: magnetic fields and winds (abstract)
Mon, 26 Apr --- [Boston DDA]
Mon, 3 May Hagai Perets How the planet formation story depends on stellar properties
Wed, 5 May, *11:30-12:30* Mukremin Kilic Fiery death in a red giant, or continued life around a white dwarf? (abstract)
Mon, 10 May --- [Sackler-Shapiro Galactic Dynamics Conference]
Mon, 17 May, **Classroom** Dimitar Sasselov Geochemical Evolution of Exoplanets and Conditions for Development of a Biochemistry
Mon, 24 May Ruth Murray-Clay, Hagai Perets, and Daniel Fabrycky Organizers' Summary: Open Problems