ITC Pizza Lunch Spring 2018: "Winds and Outflows"

Feb 7 Aaron Dotter (CfA) How stellar winds affect stellar evolution?
  Cecilia Garraffo (CfA) The Revolution Revolution: towards a complete stellar spin-down model
Feb 14 Erin Kara (Maryland) Observations of Super-Eddington Accretion in the Local Universe
Feb 21 Andrea Dupree (CfA) Sleuthing stellar winds
  Kate Alexander (CfA) Probing TDE Outflows with Radio Observations
Mar 21 Sofia Moschou (CfA) Modeling Radio Loud Coronal Mass Ejections
  Xiawei Wang (CfA) Non-thermal emission and star formation from AGN outflows
Mar 28 Anna Rosen (CfA) The importance of Outflow and Wind Feedback in Massive Star Formation
  Atish Kamble (CfA) Radio Supernovae Illuminating the Environments of Massive Stars
Apr 4 Wen Li (BU) Earth's radiation belt electron acceleration and its relation to solar wind drivers
Apr 11 Ivan Cabrera (CfA) The gas content of star clusters
  Jill Naiman (CfA) Should I Stay or Should I Go: Stellar Wind Retention and Expulsion in Star Clusters
Apr 18 Suzan Edwards (Smith College) Winds from Young Stars and their Accretion Disks
Apr 25 Jeremy Drake (CfA) Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections
  Tomek Kaminski (CfA) The role of metal oxides in dust formation around cool evolved stars.