ITC Colloquia 2009-2010

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) colloquia for the academic year 2009-2010 will be held on Thursdays at 11:00am in the Pratt Conference Room (G04) unless stated otherwise.

Date & LocationSpeakerAffiliationTitleCFA HostCFA Office
Thu, 10 Sep Frank Shu Academia Sinica Astronomy, Climate Change, and Molten Salt Reactors Charlie Lada 
Thu, 17 Sep Peng Oh UCSB AGN Feedback in Galaxy Clusters Hy Trac 
Thu, 24 Sep Marc Kamionkowski Caltech Is the Universe Statistically Isotropic? Jonathan Pritchard 
Thu, 1 Oct Dimitrios Psaltis U of Arizona Stable, Accelerating Universes without Dark Energy CK Chan 
Thu, 8 Oct Robert Quimby Caltech Mysterious transients unmasked as the bright blue death throes of massive stars Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 15 Oct Rosalba Perna Colorado Neutron Star Spins: in lonely life and with companions Rosanne DiStefano 
Thu, 22 Oct Feryal Ozel U of Arizona The Equation of State of Neutron Star Matter CK Chan 
Thu, 29 Oct, **Classroom** David Nesvorny Boulder/SwRI All you need to know about irregular satellites Daniel Fabrycky 
Thu, 5 Nov Tom Abel Stanford Star Formation Then and Now Yuval Birnboim 
Thu, 12 Nov Sean Carroll Caltech The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time Jonathan Pritchard 
Thu, 19 Nov Lars Bildsten KITP and UCSB Diverse Energy Sources for Supernovae Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 26 Nov No Talk  Thanksgiving  
Thu, 3 Dec Charles Gammie U of Illinois Numerical Models of Sgr A* CK Chan 
Thu, 10 Dec Eugene Chiang UC Berkeley Planet Formation in Transitional and Debris Disks Ruth Murray-Clay 
Wed, 13 Jan Eliot Quataert UC Berkeley Theoretical Models of Short-Duration Gamma-ray Bursts Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 28 Jan Daniel Kasen UC Santa Cruz Four and a half ways to blow up a white dwarf Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 4 Feb Rachel Bean Cornell Testing gravity on cosmic scales Hy Trac 
Thu, 11 Feb Jonathan Fortney UCSC Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres: Modeling the Transmission Spectrum of Transiting Planets Large and Small Ruth Murray-Clay 
Thu, 18 Feb Mark Dijkstra ITC/CfA Seeing Through the Trough: Detecting Lyman Alpha Emission from Early Generations of Galaxies Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 25 Feb Norman Murray CITA Stellar Feedback and Galaxy Formation Matija Cuk 
Thu, 4 Mar David Merritt RIT Old and new puzzles at the Galactic center Hagai Perets 
Thu, 11 Mar Hilke Schlichting CITA Occultations in the Kuiper Belt and what they tell us about our Solar System Darin Ragozzine 
Thu, 18 Mar No Talk  Spring Recess  
Thu, 25 Mar Pawan Kumar UT Austin Gamma-ray Bursts in the Fermi Era Lijun Gou 
Thu, 1 Apr Cole Miller Maryland Probing the high-density matter of neutron stars Hagai Perets 
Thu, 8 Apr Andrew Bunker Oxford The First Billion Years of History: star formation at redshift 6 and beyond Jonathan Pritchard 
Thu, 15 Apr, **Classroom** Chung-Pei Ma UC Berkeley Mergers and Mass Assembly of Dark Matter Halos and Galaxies in a LCDM Universe Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere 
Thu, 22 Apr Eve Ostriker U Maryland Dynamic and Thermal Regulation of Star Formation Rates in Disk Galaxies Elena D'Onghia 
Thu, 29 Apr Adam Burrows Princeton Emerging Ideas on How Core-Collapse Supernovae May Explode Rosanne Di Stefano 
Thu, 6 May Christopher Matzner Toronto Accretion and polarization in Sgr A*, the Galactic Center black hole Stella Offner 
Mon, 24 May Shri Kulkarni Caltech Less is More (Small Satellites) Alicia Soderberg  P-238
Mon, 21 Jun Nahum Arav VT Kinetic luminosity of quasar outflows and its implications to AGN Feedback  
Mon, 21 Jun, Phillips James Rhoads VT Probing Reionization using Lyman alpha Galaxies: Progress and Prospects