ITC Pizza Lunch Spring 2019: Galaxy morphology and star formation quenching (AKA "Battlestar Galactica")

The ITC Pizza Lunch for Spring 2019 topic "Galaxy morphology and star formation quenching" (AKA "Battlestar Galactica") was organized by Erica Nelson and Sandro Tacchello.


Wed 01/30/2019
  1. Daniela Calzetti (UMass Amherst)
  2. John Forbes (ITC)
  1. Star formation in modern galaxies: Observations
  2. Star formation in modern galaxies: Theory

SPECIAL TIME: 2:00 PM (Cookies!)

Wed 02/06/2019
  1. Benedikt Diemer and Shmuel Bialy (ITC)
  1. Collapse Versus Equilibrium in the Multiphase ISM
Wed 02/13/2019
  1. Rainer Weinberger (ITC) v. Grant Tremblay (CfA)
  1. AGN Feedback in Galaxy Evolution: Theory and Observations
Wed 02/20/2019
  1. Joel Leja (CfA) v. Matt Ashby (CfA)
  1. The Long, Windy, Half-Mapped Road from Galaxy IR SEDs to Physical Properties
Wed 02/27/2019
  1. Charlotte Mason (cFA) v. Rahul Kannon (ITC)
  1. Understanding the epoch of Reionization
Wed 03/06/2019
  1. Joel Primack (USCS)
  1. Comparing Galaxy Formation Simulations and Observations with AI
Wed 03/13/2019
  1. Charlie Conroy (Harvard)
  1. Galaxies as collections of stars
Wed 03/27/2019
  1. Andra Stroe (CfA) and Jubee Sohn (CfA)
  1. Galaxy evolution in dense environments
Wed 04/03/2019
  1. Sownak Bose (ITC) and Jabran Zahid (CfA) (ITC)
  1. The galaxy-halo connection
Wed 04/10/2019
  1. Lars Hernquist (Harvard)
  1. Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation
Wed 04/17/2019
  1. Kate Whitacker (UConn)
  2. Mauro Giavalisco (UMass)
  1. Morphology & Star Formation
  2. Morphology & Star Formation
Wed 04/24/2019
  1. Rachel Bezanson (University of Pittsburgh)
  2. Elena D’Onghia (UW Madison)
  1. Galaxy Kinematics: Observation & Theory
  2. Galaxy Kinematics: Observation & Theory
Wed 05/01/2019
  1. Rob Simcoe (MIT) and Cameron Hummels (Caltech)
  1. The Circumgalactic Medium: Observations and Simulations