ITC Wednesday Pizza Lunch Spring 2014 Schedule

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) pizza lunch for spring 2014 will be held on Wednesdays at 1:00pm in Phillips unless stated otherwise.


*Tue, 4 Feb*, 1:00, *Pratt* E. Berger, B. Metzger CfA, Columbia U. The transient sky: theory and observations
Wed, 12 Feb, 1:00, Phillips J. Grindlay, G. Miller CfA Time Domain Astrophysics of the Extremes with DASCH
Wed, 19 Feb, 1:00, Phillips L. Sironi, X. Bai CfA, CfA Transient Accelerators: Non-Thermal Particles from Shocks
Wed, 26 Feb, 1:00, Phillips B. Kirshner, K. Mandel CfA, CfA Type Ia SNe in the era of optical surveys    
Wed, 5 Mar, 1:00, Phillips D. Milisavljevic, J. Parrent CfA, CfA Core collapse SNe
Wed, 12 Mar, 1:00, Phillips M. Drout, K. Shen CfA, UC Berkeley The new class of very fast evolving SNe: Theory and Observations
Wed, 19 Mar, *Spring Break*  
Wed, 26 Mar, 1:00, Phillips D. Kaplan UW-Milwaukee The transient sky at radio wave-lengths
Wed, 2 Apr, 1:00, Phillips E. Chatzopoulos, R. Lunnan U Chicago, CfA Superluminous SNe: Theory and Observations
Wed, 9 Apr, 1:00, Phillips A. Zauderer, R. Chornock, J. Guillochon CfA, CfA, CfA Tidal disruption events: theory and observations
Wed, 16 Apr, 1:00, Phillips R. Margutti, S. Chakraborti CfA, CfA Relativistic SNe, hypernovae and sub-energetic gamma-ray bursts
Wed, 23 Apr, 1:00, Phillips C. Mundell, R. Chornock, T. Laskar Liverpool John Moores University (UK), CfA, CfA Probing the high-z Universe with long GRBs and the new class of ultra-long GRBs: reality or curiosity?
Wed, 30 Apr, 1:00, Phillips K. Murase, P. Gorenstein IAS, CfA The future of transient searches: Multi-messenger Astronomy and new instrumentation
Wed, 7 May, 1:00, Phillips A. Loeb, A. Rane Harvard U., West Virginia U. Fast radio bursts