Locations and times subject to change: see ITC Weekly Calendar for up-to-date information.

Talks and visits to the ITC are organized by the ITC Visitor Committee: James Guillochon, Blakesley Burkhart. E-mail the committee at itcvisitor [at]


A weekly hour-length lecture with invited speakers. Thursdays at 11 AM in Pratt.


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Pizza Lunches

ITC Pizza Lunches take place on Wednesdays, 11-12, in Phillips during the Spring term, based on a common theme (2017's theme will be "Gravitational Wave Astrophysics ").

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Weekly seminars in the "Stars and Planets" series (Mondays, noon in Phillips; schedule) and "Galaxies and Cosmology" series (Tuesdays, noon in Phillips; schedule).

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ITC luncheons are held in Phillips Auditorium on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm. Each Luncheon features 10 minute presentations from 4 speakers and is attended by 100 astronomers. Sandwiches and chips are served. Videos of the presentations are made available.

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