Sackler Conference 2018 Videos and Slides from Talks

Day One

Charles Alcock and Avi Loeb: Welcome – Video - Slides

Session 1: Detectors and Techniques

Session Chair: Vicky Kalogera

Lisa Barsotti: Status of LIGO and Virgo towards O3Video - Slides
Matt Evans: Future ground-based detectorsVideo - Slides

Karsten Danzmann: Gravitational wave astronomy from space: LISA and its pathfinder Video - Slides

Maura McLaughlin: Pulsar Timing Arrays: Current Status and Future ProspectsVideo - Slides


Session 2: Data analysis + parameter estimation + Model Selection

Session Chair: Jim Moran

Alessandra Buonanno: The Next Theoretical Challenges for Gravitational-Wave ObservationsVideo - Slides

Duncan Brown: Template-based search techniquesVideo - Slides

Maria Alessandra Papa: Continuous source search techniquesVideo - Slides

Neil Cornish: Gravitational wave parameter estimationVideo - Slides

Session 3: Source populations

Session Chair: Ramesh Narayan

Ilya Mandel: Formation of merging black holes through isolated binary evolution via the

common envelope phaseVideo - Slides

Selma de Mink: Black hole binary formation – field (non-common envelope)Video - Slides

Day Two

Session 3: Source populations, cont’d

Session Chair: Ramesh Narayan

Fred Rasio: Black Hole Binary Formation through Stellar Dynamics in Globular ClustersVideo - Slides

Smadar Naoz: Black Hole Binary Formation through Stellar Dynamics in Galactic NucleiVideo - Slides
Deirdre Shoemaker: Black hole binary - simulationsVideo - Slides

Session Chair: Josh Grindlay

Daniel Holz: Some recent results in GW astrophysicsVideo - Slides
Stephan Rosswog: Neutron star mergers as cosmic factories of heavy elementsVideo -
Monica Colpi: LISA black hole coalescences: on clock?Video - Slides

Stan Woosley: The stellar mass black hole birth functionVideo - Slides
Adam Burrows: Core-collapse supernova explosions and their gravitational wave signaturesVideo - Slides

Marta Volonteri: Gravitational waves as probes of massive black hole evolution – Video - Slides


Session 4: Results from LIGO O1/O2

Session Chair: Irwin Shapiro

Ben Farr: BBH detections in O1/O2Video - Slides

Bangalore Sathyaprakash: A "no-hair" test for binary black holes Video - Slides

Paolo Pani: Testing the nature of compact objects with gravitational wavesVideo - Slides

Day Three

Session 5: Electromagnetic counterparts + follow-up

Session Chair: Edo Berger

Wen-fai Fong: Short-duration gamma-ray bursts in the era of GW discoveryVideo - Slides
Brian Metzger: Kilonova emission from a binary neutron star mergerVideo -
Raffaella Margutti: Radio and X-ray counterparts to BNS mergersVideo - Slides

Bence Kocsis: EM counterparts for LISA sourcesVideo - Slides

Panel on EM follow-up

Marcelle Soares-Santos, Mansi Kasliwal, Stephen Smartt, Philip Cowperthwaite,

Lindy BlackburnVideo - Slides


Banquet Keynote Lecture

Nobel Laureate Rai Weiss (with introductory remarks by Avi Loeb) "Prospects and Challenges for Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Astrophysics" Video - Slides