ITC Seminars 2010-2011

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) seminars for the academic year 2010-2011 will be held on Tuesdays at 12:30pm in the Pratt Conference Room (G04) unless stated otherwise. There are two 30 min seminars scheduled for each date. On some Tuesdays, the Joint MIT/CfA/Tufts Cosmology seminar  will be held instead, in the Phillips Auditorium at 2:30pm.

Date & LocationSpeakersAffiliationTitleCFA HostCFA Office
Tue, 7 Sep Avi Loeb Harvard/ITC Future Frontiers in Astrophysics: Suggestions for Young Researchers (arXiv:1008.1586) Alicia Soderberg 
Tue, 14 Sep Mansi Kasliwal Caltech "Transients in the Local Universe" Alicia Soderberg 
  Shy Genel MPE Garching  Hagai Perets 
Tue, 21 Sep Kevin Schlaufman UCSC Halo Substructure and Milky Way Formation Rebekah Dawson 
  Renee Hlozek Oxford  Hagai Perets 
Tue, 28 Sep, 14:30, Phillips   Ue-Li Pen CITA '21cm cosmology' Jonathan Pritchard 
Tue, 5 Oct Sukanya Chakrabarti Berkeley Finding Dark Galaxies From Their Tidal Imprints Stella Offner 
  Yacine Ali-Haimoud CaltechFast and accurate primordial hydrogen recombination theory Urbano Franca 
Tue, 12 Oct Michael Busha Stanford The Magellanic Clouds in Simulations and Real Life Molly Swanson 
  Eva Sagi Hebrew UniversityObservational Signatures of TeVeS      
Tue, 19 Oct, 14:30, Pratt   Martin Bojowald Penn State  Anna Frebel 
Tue, 26 Oct, Classroom Eyal Kazin NYU   Mark Vogelsberger 
  Silvia Galli APC-Paris7/Rome La Sapienza  Jonathan Pritchard 
Tue, 2 Nov Lorenzo Sironi Princeton Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Magnetized Astrophysical Shocks Charlie Conroy 
Tue, 2 Nov, 13:00 Linda Strubbe Berkeley Electromagnetic Flares from the Tidal Disruption of Stars by Massive Black Holes Stella Offner 
Tue, 9 Nov, 14:30, Pratt   David Wiltshire U. Canterbury, NZ Dark energy from cosmic structure Bob Kirshner 
Tue, 16 Nov Jared Gabor U. of Arizona Building the Red Sequence Yue Shen 
Tue, 23 Nov Andrew Davis YaleStructure Formation in the Early Universe Yue Shen 
  Mustafa Amin MITLumps and Bumps in the Early Universe     Bence Kocsis 
Tue, 30 Nov, 14:30, Phillips   Manuela Campanelli RIT  Nico Yunes 
Tue, 7 Dec Adi Zolotov NYU The Dual Origin of Galactic Stellar Halos Gurtina Besla 
  Ilsang Yoon UMass New insight on galaxy morphology from GALPHAT  
Tue, 14 Dec Khee-Gan Lee Princeton Constraining the IGM with the SDSS Lyman-alpha forest Yue Shen 
  Anthony Pullen Caltech Search for Anisotropic Power in Large Scale Structure Jonathan Pritchard 
Tue, 21 Dec     
Tue, 11 Jan Shin'ichiro Ando Caltech Toward the measurement of IGMF: Evidence of gamma-ray halos around Fermi AGN Hagai Perets 
Tue, 18 Jan Assaf Sternberg Weizmann Evidence for Circumstellar Material in Type Ia Supernovae via Na I D Absorption Features Hagai Perets 
Tue, 25 Jan Davor Krajnovic ESO Atlas3D survey: What are the nearby early-type galaxies? Anil Seth 
Tue, 1 Feb Simeon Bird Cambridge Minimally Parametric Constraints on the Power Spectrum from Lyman-alpha Jonathan Pritchard 
Tue, 8 Feb, Pratt   Andrew MacFadyen ITC Scholar/NYU Turbulent Explosions - The Dynamics and Signatures of GRBs  
Tue, 15 Feb  Andrey Beresnyak LANL Balanced and Imbalanced MHD Turbulence  Asaf Pe'er 
Tue, 22 Feb Phil Chang CITA Heavy Vortices and Dark Energy Hagai Perets 
Tue, 1 Mar  Aaron Dotter STScl Insights into the formation of the Galaxy from globular clusters Charlie Conroy 
Tue, 8 Mar Tamara Bogdanovic University of Maryland Mergers of Supermassive Black Holes in Astrophysical Environments Matija Cuk 
Tue, 15 Mar Nir Shaviv Hebrew University Super-Eddington Accretion Disks  
Tue, 22 Mar, Pratt  Ali Vanderveld KICP Testing the LCDM paradigm with weak gravitational lensing Nico Yunes 
Tue, 29 Mar Simon Albrecht MIT Spin-Orbit Angles for Binary Stars and Exoplanetary Systems Hagai Perets 
Tue, 5 Apr, 2:30 Kaveh Pahlevan Yale When the Moon was a Cloud: A Creation Myth Darin Ragozzine 
Tue, 12 Apr, Phillips   Priya Natarajan ITC Scholar/Yale Constraining cosmology with cluster lensing Kaitlin Kratter 
Tue, 19 Apr Ann-Marie Madigan Leiden Secular stellar dynamics near massive black holes Hagai Perets 
Tue, 26 Apr Sourav Chatterjee University of Florida Numerical Modeling of Dense Star Clusters  
Tue, 3 May, Pratt   Brian O'Shea Michigan State University The secret lives of galaxy clusters Eric Hallman 
Tue, 10 May Subo Dong IAS Microlensing: Marching Toward a Complete Census of Cold Exoplanet Population Ruth Murray-Clay 
Tue, 17 May Charles Danforth University of Colorado  Eric Hallman 
Mon, 23 May, 1:00, Phillips Jack Burns University of Colorado Into the Dark Ages: The Dark Ages Radio Explorer