ITC Colloquia

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2019 May 02

ITC Colloquium - Mike Line (ASU)

11:00am to 12:00pm



Challenges in Characterizing Extra Solar Atmospheres at High-Resolution


The field of exoplanet characterization has matured to the point where we can begin to answer fundamental questions regarding planetary climate, composition, and formation, and also provide context for understanding our own solar system planets. The community has leveraged the power of numerous ground-and space-based observatories to find and characterize a diverse range of planets ranging from hot Jupiter’s to terrestrial-sized, potentially habitable worlds.  Much of the successful... Read more about ITC Colloquium - Mike Line (ASU)
2019 Apr 25

ITC Colloquium - Debora Sijacki (Cambridge)

11:00am to 12:00pm



Galaxy formation simulations: "sub-grid" vs. physics

Cosmological simulations of structure formation have undergone rapid development over the last decade and evolved from purely gravitational computations of large scale structure to full hydrodynamical simulations which include a plethora of complex baryonic physics. Recent successes of these simulations have been impressive, with several independent groups obtaining models of present day galaxies with a morphological mix in broad accord with observation, which has been a long standing goal for more...

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