ITC Monday Pizza Lunches 2010-2011, Fall Schedule Supernovae

Held on Mondays at 12:00 noon in the Phillips Auditorium unless stated otherwise. Organizers: Alicia Soderberg, Hagai Perets, Ryan Foley


Date & LocationSpeakerTitle
Mon, 6 Sep, 12:00, Phillips Labor Day 
Mon, 13 Sep, 12:00, Phillips Bob Kirshner Supernovae: Overview
Mon, 20 Sep, 12:00, **Classroom** Hagai Perets Mechanisms for thermonuclear SNe
Tue, 28 Sep, 12:00, **Pratt** Udi Nakar Shock break-out in SNe
Mon, 4 Oct, 12:00, Phillips Rosanne DiStefano Stellar evolution leading to SNe
Mon, 11 Oct, 12:00, Phillips Columbus Day 
Mon, 18 Oct, 12:00, Phillips Alak Ray Stellar burning and the initial conditions for SNe
Mon, 25 Oct, 12:00, Phillips Alicia Soderberg Non-thermal processes and GRBs
Mon, 1 Nov, 12:00, Classroom  
Mon, 8 Nov, 12:00, Classroom Ryan Chornock Observations of type Ib/c and type II SNe
Fri, 19 Nov, 12:30, **Pratt** Todd Thompson Mechanisms for core collapse SNe
Mon, 22 Nov, 12:00, Phillips Pat Slane SNe remnants and cosmic rays
Mon, 29 Nov, 12:00, Phillips Ryan Folley SNe exotica, safary and zoo
Mon, 6 Dec, 12:00, Phillips Hagai Perets SNe progenitors
Mon, 13 Dec, 12:00, Phillips Hagai Perets, Alicia Soderberg and Ryan Foley Summary, open problems and view on the future
Mon, 20 Dec, 12:00, Phillips