ITC Pizza Lunches

Spring 2019: Galaxy Morphology and Star Formation Quenching   Organized by Erica Nelson and Sandro Tacchella

Spring 2018: Winds and Outflows    Organized by  Antonija Oklopcic and Morgan MacLeod

Spring 2017:  Gravitational Wave Astrophysics  Organized by John Forbes and Dan Milisavljevic 

Spring 2016: Astrostatistics; Organzied by Anna Pancoast and Ilse Cleeves

Spring 2015: Magnetic Fields and Turbulence in Astrophysics

Spring 2014: Time Domain Astronomy; Organized by Sayan Chakraborti and Raffaella Margutti

Spring 2013: Galaxy Clusters; Organized by Cameron McBride

Fall 2012: Dark Matter ; Organized by Matt Walker

Spring 2012: Star Formation and Stellar Dynamics; Organized by Kaitlin Kratter and Smadar Naoz

Fall 2011: Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure; Organized by Charlie Conroy, Debora Sijacki, and Mark Vogelsberge

Spring 2011: Galactic Dynamics; Organized by Hagai Perets, Charlie Conroy, Elena D'Onghia, Mark Vogelsberger, and Mario Juric

Fall 2010: Supernovae; Organized by Alicia Soderberg, Ryan Foley, Hagai Perets

Spring 2010: Formation and Evolution of Planets; Organized by Daniel Fabrycky, Ruth Murray-Clay, and Hagai Perets

Fall 2009: Binaries; Organized by Rosanne Di Stefano and Alicia Soderberg