ITC Pizza Lunches

Spring 2018: Winds and Outflows    Organized by  Antonija Oklopcic and Morgan MacLeod

Spring 2017:  Gravitational Wave Astrophysics  Organized by John Forbes and Dan Milisavljevic 

Spring 2016: Astrostatistics; Organzied by Anna Pancoast and Ilse Cleeves

Spring 2015: Magnetic Fields and Turbulence in Astrophysics

Spring 2014: Time Domain Astronomy; Organized by Sayan Chakraborti and Raffaella Margutti

Spring 2013: Galaxy Clusters; Organized by Cameron McBride

Fall 2012: Dark Matter ; Organized by Matt Walker

Spring 2012: Star Formation and Stellar Dynamics; Organized by Kaitlin Kratter and Smadar Naoz

Fall 2011: Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure; Organized by Charlie Conroy, Debora Sijacki, and Mark Vogelsberge

Spring 2011: Galactic Dynamics; Organized by Hagai Perets, Charlie Conroy, Elena D'Onghia, Mark Vogelsberger, and Mario Juric

Fall 2010: Supernovae; Organized by Alicia Soderberg, Ryan Foley, Hagai Perets

Spring 2010: Formation and Evolution of Planets; Organized by Daniel Fabrycky, Ruth Murray-Clay, and Hagai Perets

Fall 2009: Binaries; Organized by Rosanne Di Stefano and Alicia Soderberg


Upcoming ITC Pizza Lunches

2018 May 02

ITC Pizza Lunch

11:00am to 12:00pm


Sofia Moschou

Title: Modeling Radio Loud Coronal Mass Ejections

Ground-based radio observations offer access to a diverse range of
physical processes, from thermal to eruptive ones, that take place in
the solar atmosphere. Radio waves have a strong dependence on the
refraction index and thus follow curved paths when they travel in
stratified media, such as the stellar coronae. The effect of
refraction is stronger for lower radio frequencies. Inspired by the
solar paradigm that has revealed a “1-1” relation between Type II
radio bursts and CME... Read more about ITC Pizza Lunch