ITC Colloquia 2011-2012

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) colloquia for the academic year 2011-2012 will be held on Thursdays at 11:00am in the Pratt Conference Room (G04) unless stated otherwise.

Date & LocationSpeakerAffiliationTitleCFA HostCFA Office
Thu, 8 Sep Mario Livio STScI Type Ia Supernovae: What are They? Asaf Pe'er 
Thu, 15 Sep Brian Metzger Princeton Observable Signatures of Coalescing Compact Binaries Stella Offner 
Thu, 22 Sep, Classroom Michael Nielsen  Doing Science in the Open Hagai Perets 
Thu, 29 Sep Rosh Hashanah    
Thu, 6 Oct, Classroom Chung-Pei Ma UC Berkeley  Lijun Gou 
Thu, 13 Oct, Classroom Phil Armitage JILA Colorado  Asaf Pe'er 
Thu, 20 Oct Alessandra Buonanno U. of Maryland The Final Moments of Coalescing Compact Binaries: Modelingand Science Bence Kocsis 
Thu, 27 Oct Rachel Mandelbaum Princeton The next decade of weak lensing science Matthew Bayliss 
Thu, 3 Nov Re'em Sari Hebrew University  Asaf Pe'er 
Thu, 10 Nov Fred Adams University of Michigan  Kaitlin Kratter 
Thu, 17 Nov Jeremy Goodman Princeton Shear-driven turbulence on earth and in space Stella Offner 
Thu, 24 Nov Thanksgiving    
Thu, 1 Dec Beth Willman Haverford College Ultra-faint dwarfs, dark matter, and galaxy formation Charlie Conroy 
Thu, 8 Dec Mike Brown Caltech TBD Darin Ragozzine 
Thu, 26 Jan Samaya Nissanke Caltech   
Thu, 2 Feb Phil Marcus UC Berkeley Vortices in Protoplanetary Disks Stella Offner 
Thu, 9 Feb Lynne Hillenbrand Caltech High Spectral, High Spatial, and High Cadence Observations of Young Suns Stella Offner 
Thu, 16 Feb Avishay Gal-Yam Weizmann Institute of Science The nature of cosmic explosions: recent progress Hagai Perets 
Thu, 23 Feb Zoltan Haiman Columbia TBD Shy Genel 
Thu, 1 Mar Kathryn Johnston Columbia  Elena D'Onghia 
Thu, 8 Mar Nikhil Padmanabhan Yale U.  Cameron McBride 
Thu, 15 Mar John Johnson Caltech  Kaitlin Kratter 
Thu, 22 Mar Philipp Podsiadlowski Oxford  Bülent Kiziltan 
Thu, 29 Mar Roger Chevalier U. of Virginia Superluminous Supernovae Alicia Soderberg 
Thu, 5 Apr Scott Chapman U. of Cambridge  Shy Genel 
Thu, 12 Apr John Eldridge University of Auckland Duplicity in stellar populations Charlie Conroy 
Thu, 19 Apr Martin Weinberg UMass TBD Elena D'Onghia 
Thu, 26 Apr Eliot Quataert UC Berkeley  Bülent Kiziltan 
Thu, 3 May James Binney Oxford Modeling our Galaxy Hagai Perets 
Thu, 10 May Alex Lazarian U. of Wisc. Reconnection diffusion process and the changing paradigm of star formation Stella Offner