ITC Tuesday Pizza Lunch Spring 2015 Schedule

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) pizza lunch for Spring 2015 will be held on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM in Phillips unless stated otherwise. 


03 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Jonathan Tan University of Florida Magnetic Fields and Turbulence in Massive Star and Star Cluster
03 Feb, 1:30, Phillips Phil Myers CfA Filaments and N-pdfs in turbulent clouds
10 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Pat Slane CfA Postponed due to weather
10 Feb, 1:30, Phillips Laura Lopez CfA Postponed due to weather
18 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Meredith Hughes Wesleyan University Magnetic Fields and Turbulence in Protoplanetary Disks
18 Feb, 1:30, Phillips Xuening Bai CfA Magnetic Fields and Turbulence in Protoplanetary Disks
24 Feb, 1:00, Phillips Ofer Cohen CfA Stellar magnetic activity and space weather: perspectives from stars and planets 
24 Feb, 1:30, Phillips Jeremy Drake CfA Stellar magnetic activity and space weather: perspectives from stars and planets 
03 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Nick Murphy CfA Magnetic Recconection in Heliospheric, Labratory, and Astrophysical Plasmas
03 Mar, 1:30, Phillips Lorenzo Sironi CfA/ITC Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Astrophysical Jets
10 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Yanfei Jiang CfA/ITC Radiation MHD Simulations of Magneto rotational Instability in Accretion Disks
10 Mar, 1:30, Phillips Olek Sadowski CfA/ITC Jets and outflaws in black hole accretion disks
24 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Merav Opher Boston University Magnatized Jets Driven by the Sun: the Structure of the Heliosphere Revisited
24 Mar, 1:30, Phillips Pat Slane CfA Particle Accelaration in Super Nova Remnants: The Role of Magnetic Fields
31 Mar, 1:00, Phillips Josh Peek Columbia University GALFA-HI: new insights into the ISM paradigm and paradox
31 Mar, 1:30, Phillips Chat Hull CfA From filaments, to cores, to...filaments?! The role of magnetic fields in multi-scale, filamentary star formation.
07 Apr, 1:00, **Pratt** David Collins Florida State Turbulent Star Formation: a theoretical introduction
07 Apr, 1:30, **Pratt* Blakesley Burkhart CfAHow Well Does Turbulence Theory Describe the ISM?
14 Apr, 1:00, *Pratt* Antonia Savcheva CfA Using Magnetic Field Topology Analysis for Understanding Solar Eruptions
14 Apr, 1:30, *Pratt* Laura Lopez CfA Observational Tests of Cosmic-ray Diffusion in the Magellanic Clouds
21 Apr, 1:00, Phillips Dong Lai Cornell University Magnetic Star - Disk Interactions
21 Apr, 1:30, Phillips Alex Lazarian UW-Madison Cosmic ray acceleration and propagation in the presence of turbulence
28 Apr, 1:00, Phillips Mike McCourt CfA/ITC Do Galaxy Clusters Boil?
28 Apr, 1:30, Phillips Mark Bautz MIT TITLE