ITC Monday Pizza Lunches 2011-2012, Fall Schedule Cosmology and LSS

Held on Mondays at 1:00pm in the Phillips Auditorium unless stated otherwise.
Organizers: Charlie Conroy, Debora Sijacki and Mark Vogelsberger


Date & LocationSpeakerTitle
Mon, 12 Sep, 01:00, **Classroom** Bob Kirshner The Early Days of LSS and Cosmology
Mon, 19 Sep, 01:00, Phillips Ryan Foley Cosmology with SNae
Mon, 26 Sep, 01:00, Phillips Max Tegmark Cosmology with 21cm Tomography
Mon, 3 Oct, 01:00, Phillips Mike Boylan-Kolchin Milky Way Satellites and LCDM
Mon, 10 Oct, 01:00, Phillips Columbus Day 
Mon, 17 Oct, 01:00, **Classroom** Charlie Conroy Galaxy Clustering
Mon, 24 Oct, 01:00, Phillips Volker Springel Simulations beyond LCDM
Mon, 31 Oct, 01:00, Phillips Cameron McBride  **Canceled**
Mon, 7 Nov, 01:00, Phillips Avi Loeb Large Scale Structures During Reionization (excerpts from a new book)
Mon, 14 Nov, 01:00, Phillips Alexey Vikhlinin Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters
Mon, 21 Nov, 01:00, Phillips Lars Hernquist Ly-alpha Forest
Mon, 28 Nov, 01:00, Phillips Doug Finkbeiner LSS and Dark Matter
Mon, 5 Dec, 01:00, Phillips Ed Bertschinger Modified Gravity
Mon, 12 Dec, 12:00 *note special time*, Phillips Daniel Eisenstein The Future of LSS