ITC Colloquia 2013-2014

The Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) colloquia for the academic year 2013-2014 will be held on Thursdays at 11:00am in the Pratt Conference Room (G04) unless stated otherwise.

Date & LocationSpeakerAffiliationTitleCFA HostCFA Office
**Fri, 6 Sep** Andrei Mesinger Scuola Normale Superiore Piazza dei Cavalieri Tuning your radio to the Cosmic Dawn Thomas Greif 
Thu, 12 Sep Beth Reid LBNL SDSS-III BOSS and Beyond: fundamental physics with galaxy redshift surveys Cameron McBride 
Thu, 19 Sep Alessandra Corsi George Washington University Gamma-ray bursts, gravitational waves, and multi-messenger exploration of the transient sky Lorenzo Sironi 
Thu, 26 Sep Jason Wright Penn State Precise Radial Velocities of the Future Matt Payne 
Thu, 3 Oct Dmitri Uzdensky Univ. of Colorado  R. Margutti 
Thu, 10 Oct Thomas Janka MPA  A. Kamble 
Thu, 17 Oct Norman Murray CITA Dynamic Star Formation Smadar Naoz 
Thu, 24 Oct Andreas Berlind Vanderbilt University From Dark Matter to Galaxies: Probing the Spatial Structure of the Universe on Small Scales Cameron McBride 
Thu, 31 Oct Dave Stevenson Caltech Mixing and Unmixing in Planets Smadar Naoz 
Thu, 7 Nov Merav Opher Boston U.  Smadar Naoz 
Thu, 14 Nov Juri Poutanen University of Oulu Advances in X-ray burst modelling: probing cold dense matter equation of state using X-ray burst spectral evolution Lorenzo Sironi 
Thu, 21 Nov Louis Strigari Indiana University Astrophysical interplay in dark matter searches Sayan Chakraborti 
Thu, 28 Nov, *Thanksgiving*    
Thu, 5 Dec Mitchell Begelman U Colorado Hyperaccretion from ADAF to ZEBRA R. Margutti 
Thu, 30 Jan Marla Geha Yale University Ultra-Faint Galaxies and a Non-Universal Initial Mass Function Cameron McBride 
Thu, 6 Feb Amiel Sternberg Tel Aviv University The HI to H2 transition and HI Gas Columns in Galaxy Star-Forming Regions Xuening Bai 
Thu, 13 Feb Todd Thompson Ohio-state Aspects of Galactic Winds and Feedback Smadar Naoz 
Thu, 20 Feb Lisa Randall Harvard University Double Disk Dark Matter Cameron McBride 
Thu, 27 Feb  Alessandro Morbidelli Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur  Konstantin Batygin 
Thu, 6 March Rob Garrod Cornell Simulating pre-biotic protostellar chemistry in the age of ALMA: The curious case of glycine Karin Oberg 
Thu, 13 March Stephan Rosswog Stockholm University Towards a multi-messenger picture of compact binary mergers Yanfei Jiang 
Thu, 20 March ** Spring Break **    
**Tue, 25 March, 1:00** Volker Bromm UT Austin The First Stars and Galaxies: The Run-up to the JWST Thomas Greif 
Thu, 27 March Carlos Frenk University of Durham Cosmology in our backyard Shy Genel 
Thu, 3 Apr Andrew MacFadyen NYU Moving mesh Astrophysics- Instability of Gamma Ray Burst Jets Raffaella Margutti 
Thu, 10 Apr Nahum Arav Virginia Tech  Lorenzo Sironi 
Thu, 17 Apr Tiziana Di Matteo Carnegie Mellon University Massive Black Holes in Cosmic Structure Formation Cameron McBride 
Thu, 24 Apr Carole Mundell John Moores University  Atish Kamble 
Thu, 1 May Davide Lazzati NCSU- Oregon State University  Raffaella Margutti 
Thu, 8 May Stuart Wyithe University of Melbourne Reionization and galaxy formation during the first Billion years Smadar Naoz 
**Fri, 23 May** Mark Krumholz UC Santa Cruz  Laura Sales