Welcoming the Class of 2021 ITC Postdocs

May 10, 2021

It is my great pleasure to report that the following postdoctoral fellows will be joining the Institute for Theory & Computation (ITC) next year. The ITC hired three postdocs:

Diana Powell

Diana Powell (UCSC) Hubble; Diana starts as Assistant Professorship at University of Chicago in Fall 2023  website

Jamie Law-Smith

Jamie Law-Smith (UCSC) ITC Fellow; Jamie starts as Assistant Professorship at University of Chicago in Fall 2023   website

Kareem El-Badry (UC Berkeley)  Harvard Society of Fellows Junior Fellow; Jamie Diana starts as Assistant Professorship at CalTech in Fall 2023  website


And one postdoc will bring a prestigious grant and sit in the ITC corridor:

Kirk Barrow (Georgia Tech; currently Porat Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford) Hubble Fellow; Kirk starts as Assistant Professorship at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Fall 2022   website


Our special thanks go to the postdoc selection committee chaired by Lars Hernquist, whose members included this year Sownak Bose, Charlie Conroy, Xingang Chen, Rahul Kannan, Ana Bonaca, Rainer Weinberger, Sarah Jeffreson, and Avi Loeb.


Please join in welcoming the above exceptionally accomplished postdocs to the ITC family!