Welcoming the Class 0f 2018 ITC Postdocs

February 16, 2018
New stars in ITC galaxy
It is my great pleasure to report that the following new postdocs will become ITC members in the 2018/19 academic year (in alphabetical order),

*Shmuel Bialy (Tel Aviv University)
*Paul Duffell (UC Berkeley)
*Razieh Emami (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences)
*Rainer Weinberger (Heidelberg)

as well as extending the stay of local postdocs with new Hubble and Einstein fellowships,
*Benedikt Diemer, Einstein/ITC Fellow
*Erica Nelson, Hubble/ITC Fellow
We are all excited about having these exceptional young scientists in the ITC corridor after the summer.
Please join me in welcoming them to the ITC community.