Paul Duffell

Paul Duffell

ITC Postdoc
Paul Duffell

Paul Duffell received his PhD in Physics from New York University, and spent four years as a prize fellow at UC Berkeley's Theoretical Astrophysics Center.  He is now an ITC fellow here at the Center for Astrophysics.

Paul generally studies astrophysical gas dynamics in a variety of contexts.  This includes explosive phenomena such as supernovae and gamma ray bursts, but he is also interested in the dynamics of gaseous disks, including accretion disks powering the outflows in GRBs and AGN, circumbinary disks surrounding potential LIGO/LISA/PTA sources, and protoplanetary disks during the first few million years of a solar system's lifetime.

Most of Paul's work involves developing and using novel methods for computational gas dynamics (solving the fluid equations on the computer) to study the dynamics of these kinds of systems.

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60 Garden Street, MS-51
Cambridge, MA 02138
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