Former ITC postdoc Smadar Naoz (UCLA) wins the 2020 Helen B. Warner Prize

January 21, 2020

Former ITC postdoc Smadar Naoz (UCLA) gets the 2020 Helen B. Warner Prize for her many early career contributions to theoretical astrophysics, especially her influential and creative studies in cosmology and dynamics. She has provided important insights into the behavior of radiation and matter after cosmological recombination and the formation of the first stars, and she has devised compelling explanations of the unexpected orbital properties of hot Jupiters. Her work on the dynamics of hierarchical triple systems has been applied to many other fields of astronomy, including stars and binary supermassive black holes, giving us crucial insights into the events detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). Naoz was earlier honored with the Annie Jump Cannon Award, in 2015.