Seminar - Benjamin Horowitz (Princeton)


Monday, November 29, 2021, 11:30am to 12:00pm



" Reconstructing the Cosmic Web at High Noon with Lyman Alpha Tomography"

Cosmic High Noon is defined by the peak of star formation, occurring at z~2.5. Not only is understanding the dynamics of this epoch critical for a unified picture of galaxy formation, but it also plays a critical role in cosmology to connect low redshift measurements to those from the primordial universe. In this talk, I will present observations from the COSMOS Lyman Alpha Mapping and Tomography Observations (CLAMATO), a survey which utilizes correlations between absorption features in closely spaced sightlines at z~2.5 to reconstruct the full three dimensional map of the cosmic web. With a dynamic forward modeling approach, we are able to identify individual elements of the cosmic web, correlate them with the underlying galaxy properties, and predict their late time fate. I will discuss applications of this approach to cosmological analysis and the upcoming Prime Focus Spectrograph.

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