ITC Seminar - Thales Gutcke (MPA)


Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



LYRA: Galaxy formation with a multi-phase ISM, individual stars and resolved supernovae in a cosmological context



I will present the LYRA project: A high resolution galaxy formation model built within the cosmological hydro-dynamical framework of the moving mesh code AREPO. The model is able to resolve the multi-phase interstellar medium down to 10K at a spatial resolution of 0.5pc and a mass resolution of 4 solar masses. Individual stars form from density peaks in giant molecular clouds and return metals according to their formation mass. Massive stars die, creating single supernova blast waves that are Sedov-resolved. I showcase the model on a M_halo=2e9 M_sun cosmological dwarf galaxy zoom simulation that exhibits properties in agreement with Local Group dwarfs. Model choices are tested and their effects discerned on a M_halo=1e10 M_sun idealised halo. This effort is a first step towards a comprehensive multi-physics ISM model that aims to be used in cosmological (zoom) simulations of higher mass galaxies. It provides an ideal testing ground for a variety physical processes like magnetic fields, cosmic rays, and radiation transfer and the effectiveness of feedback on sub-parsec scales. This self-consistent galactic-scale framework that resolves the cloud scales will be able to provide a comparison with high resolution observations, such as those delivered by ALMA.


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