ITC Colloquium - Kim-Vy Tran (University of New South Wales)


Thursday, February 27, 2020, 11:00am to 12:00pm


ZFOURGE & MOSEL : Tracking Galaxy Growth at Cosmic Noon

Abstract -- ZFOURGE and MOSEL are deep observational surveys that track how galaxies assemble over cosmic time.  ZFOURGE identifies approximately 70,000 objects up to redshifts of z~7 using a custom set of near-infrared imaging filters that provide high precision photometric redshifts.  MOSEL targets galaxies at 2<z<4 from ZFOURGE for spectroscopic follow-up to measure properties including star formation histories and kinematics.  Here I highlight results that include using the SED fitting code Prospector to determine star formation histories for a range of galaxy populations and comparing galaxy kinematics to IllustrisTNG.  We find that massive galaxies at z~3.5 tend to build their stellar mass by accreting stars from other galaxies, e.g. merging, rather than converting bound gas into stars.