ITC Colloquium - Angela Adamo (Stockholm)


Thursday, December 2, 2021, 11:00am to 12:00pm



"Star cluster formation and feedback: a close view from the local universe"

Abstract: In spite of the huge observational and numerical progresses made, young star clusters remain, de facto, a challenge to study. Potentially they are considered key tracers of star formation conditions, as well as units of stellar feedback within their host galaxies.  They sit at the intermediate scales of the star formation cycle of galaxies and can therefore unlock the intricate regulator interplay between star formation and feedback that drives to galaxy evolution. In my presentation I will give a short (“observationally biased”) overview of the statistical properties of star cluster populations as determined from the spectrum of local star-forming galaxies. I will then focus on the evaluation of star cluster stellar feedback (derived from the analyses of HST and MUSE datasets) on the host interstellar medium, using as study case the local Lyman break analogue, Haro 11. These results are discussed in light of upcoming JWST campaigns that will extend FUV studies to the optical rest frame of high-redshift star forming galaxies. Finally, I will  present the results of our analysis of cluster stellar feedback in the local spiral galaxy, M83. The large dataset of HII regions detected from the MUSE mosaic, combined with star cluster physical properties derived from HST dataset enable us to evaluate the role that cluster feedback has in shaping the dissolution of stellar nurseries. I will conclude by presenting the goals of JWST Feedback in ExtrAgalactic Star Clusters (JWST-FEAST, #1783) program and discussing how near and mid-IR observations of local galaxies, like M83, will help us to probe the earliest phases of star cluster formation and feedback.

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