Past Events

  • 2020 Feb 10

    ITC Seminar - Tom Louden (University of Warwick UK)

    12:00pm to 1:00pm


    Climate mapping of exoplanets
    I will present a new analysis of the high resolution spectrum of WASP-49b using Terminator, a code developed to spatially resolve the atmospheres of exoplanets.
    Simulations of hot Jupiters with GCM's predict the presence of a strong equatorial jet, as well as a day-to-night flow. Without spatial resolution, it is only possible to measure a global average velocity of the planet, and hence it is not possible to disentangle these contributions.
    Transit Limb Scanning makes it possible to spatially resolve the atmosphere of an exoplanet during... Read more about ITC Seminar - Tom Louden (University of Warwick UK)
  • 2020 Feb 06

    ITC Luncheon

    12:30pm to 1:30pm


    Boryana Hadzhiyska (CfA)
    "Limitations to the ‘basic’ HOD model and beyond”

    Jack Steiner (CfA)
    “Fast Spectral-Timing Analysis of Black Hole X-ray Binaries with NICER”

    Mario Jurić (UW)
     "Astronomy Data Commons: Archives in the Clouds”

    Paul Schechter (MIT)
    "The images of a strongly lensed quasar lie very close to the two (or
    four) intersections of Witt's hyperbola and Wynne's ellipse."
  • 2020 Feb 06

    ITC Colloquium -Mario Jurić (U of Washington)

    11:00am to 12:00pm


    Minimoons to Planet X: Mapping Solar System Populations with ZTF and LSST

    The small bodies of the Solar System are a valuable tracer of its present-day structure, its evolution, and ultimately provide clues into the early times of its formation. In the next 5 years, the known sample of all small body populations will grow 10-50x, driven largely by large survey programs. For example, the LSST alone will generate a billion measurements of millions of Solar System objects, with simulations predicting ~100,000 new discoveries of nearby NEOs (Jones et al. 2017), 5.5 million for the main... Read more about ITC Colloquium -Mario Jurić (U of Washington)
  • 2020 Jan 30

    ITC Colloquium - Martin Lesourd (BHI) & Fabio Pacucci (BHI) IN PHILLIPS!

    11:00am to 12:00pm



    Martin Lesourd

    Title:  The Big 4 of Mathematical Relativity


    Abstract:   The big 4 conjectures of mathematical relativity started life as intuitive guesses by a number of physicists. After decades of work, mathematicians have been able to translate these intuitions into precise mathematical questions that are amenable to confirmation by proof or refutation by counterexample. These conjectures remain wide open at present and my aim will be to describe what they're about, how they are inter-related, whether they're...

    Read more about ITC Colloquium - Martin Lesourd (BHI) & Fabio Pacucci (BHI) IN PHILLIPS!
  • 2020 Jan 27

    ITC Special Seminar - Andreas Burkert (USM)

    3:00pm to 4:00pm



    The puzzle of dark matter halo cores in low- and high redshift galaxies


    In the present Universe, especially low-mass galaxies reveal central dark halo properties that

    indicate a dark core of constant density and constant velocity dispersion. This is in strong contrast

    to cold-dark-matter simulations that predict cuspy, cold cores with a density that diverges towards the center as 1/r,

    with a velocity dispersion that decreases towards the center. Several scenarios to explain this discrepancy

    are currently being...

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